DUARE SARKAR – Govt. at Doorstep and PARAY SAMADHAN – Solution at Mohalla – Two massive outreach program of Government of West Bengal – Developed by NIC, West Bengal.


    Duare Sarkar (Government at Doorstep) is a massive outreach program and an administrative
    innovation of the West Bengal Government. It aims to make existing crucial public service flagship
    schemes such as globally acclaimed “Kanyashree”, “Khadyasathi”, “Swasthasathi”, Social Pension
    schemes etc of the state government more accessible to the public entailing senior citizens, persons
    with disabilities, transgenders, commercial sex workers, prison inmates, the poor and the
    marginalised who had not hitherto accessed government services. Duare Sarkar Phase-I was
    launched on 1st December 2020 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal.

    Paray Samadhan ( Solution at Mohalla) is another outreach drive to address elementary level work
    with a mission mode approach covering infrastructure, manpower, supply and services related issues
    at the grassroots level in municipal areas as well as at Panchyat areas including various
    administrative departments. The infrastructure-related issues included repairing drainage & roads,
    drinking water & sanitation, installation of street lights, among other things. Works, including
    deployment of doctors at healthcare centres and appointment of conservancy staff, were carried out
    while addressing the manpower related issues.

    To facilitate monitoring, coordination and management of various activities and functions of Duare
    Sarkar, a portal was made operational. It is facilitating User Registration at all
    hierarchical levels, Camps Scheduling, Venues & Geo-locations tagging, Beneficiary Registration &
    recording their grievance/ needs along with online tracking & monitoring of service being delivered.
    A huge database has been created during registration of these citizens, generating evidence and
    ideas for improved planning, towards equitable and sustainable development for the state. The
    design, development, testing, operationalization and troubleshooting of DS portal are done by the
    National Informatics Centre (NIC) in close association with State Government.The backbone of the
    campaign has been an integrated MIS portal where an array of ICT technologies are seamlessly
    integrated making achievements of such magnitude a reality.

    In Duare Sarkar Phase–I, over 2.75 crores Beneficiaries were registered in DS Portal, services have
    been delivered to over 15 million citizens. The benefits which include health insurance, pensions,
    scholarships, assured income for farmers etc. were accessed in more than 32,000 community level
    outreach camps. Over 10,500 different community level issues were registered in DS camps and
    addressed after feasibility study through Paray Samadhan scheme

    During the first 15 days of Duare Sarkar Phase–2, over 2 crores beneficiary data are already
    captured in the DS Camps with the intention to deliver services.
    The DS portal is scalable due to its ability to accommodate: (a) large number of concurrent users – an
    average of over 2000 transactions/minute (b) increasingworkload on DB and App Server without
    affecting its performance. The portal has been designed to allow flexibility to scale up horizontally or
    vertically based on specific needs and requirements of various stakeholders with different needs. The
    entire IT system of the ParaySamadhan initiative has been added to the DS portal.

    The Web-enabled mechanism implemented at is responsive, configurable and
    Customizable with easy on-boarding facility for new schemes/benefits. AI driven trend and future
    prediction & prescription for better management of DS camps such as Queue management during
    peak hours, integrated Mobile Apps to facilitate, Geo-Tagging of DS Camps, Real-time Status
    Reports, Integration with Departmental Portals through Web API, Online dynamic dashboard for
    impact assessment to take quick decision and conduct mid-term corrections , Hourly auto SMS alerts
    / notifications to appropriate authorities for needful updates have also been incorporated.