A self-sustained portal of the department of Mass Education and Library Science has been migrated recently to the S3WaaS platform through in-house resource mobilization and capacity building techniques.


    A self-sustained, GoWB departmental website
    migrated on S3WaaS platform
    The website of Mass Education Extension & Library Science
    department – which looks after all matters related to Adult Education, non-formal
    education and education for children with special needs and social education – has
    been migrated to S3WaaS platform recently by NIC, West Bengal Team through
    in-house resource mobilization and capacity building technique entailing
    departmental staff of MEELS, GoWB and following GIGW norms & guidelines.
    The new website on the S3WaaS platform is self-managed & self-composed with
    a state-of-the-art security framework and robust Disaster Recovery (DR) facilities
    provided by the S3WaaS platform. Its bilingual content publishing facilities would
    be augmented soon.

    NIC, WB in consultation with the departmental Principal Secretary to the Govt. of West
    Bengal has conducted three days of capacity buildings with hands-on sessions for the
    selected departmental staff on the following aspects, and related topics.

      How to Build a site at S3WaaS
      How to Customize Site Content Type at S3WaaS
      How to Customize Site Components at S3WaaS
      Changing Feedback Form
      How to Create Roles, Add Users and Contribute Content

    The technological support and efforts provided by NIC-WB officials, in
    composing this self-managed website have been appreciated by the Department
    of Mass Education Extension and Library Services, GoWB