Skoch Award to Paschim Banga Go-Sampad Bikash Sanstha

    Award for the Year: 2015

    Skoch Award  Awarded to Paschim Banga Go-Sampad Bikash Sanstha an Organisation Under Animal Resources Development Department, Government of West Bengal for e-PBGSBS Management System the Highest Independent Honor in India on September-2015.

    • e-PBGSBS Management System is a web-based and
      SMS based application for Paschim Banga Go-Sampad Bikash Sanstha, Department of
      Animal Resources Development, Govt. of West Bengal for managing and monitoring
      the Artificial Insemination(AI) Activity throughout the State. The role based
      application for maintaining the inventory 
      and distribution of Frozen Semen Straw at State, District, Regional KIT
      Bank and Block level help the Department to maintain the strict Sire Directory
      for producing the cattle of high genetic value for higher milk production. The
      application also helps to maintain the insurance details of the cattle and
      accounts for actual Artificial Insemination work done by AI Worker  and their related payment of incentives. The
      SMS and mobile apps based reporting system from the Block level enables to
      department to monitor the progress of Artificial Insemination Programme and
      other schemes effectively.
    • Team Members
      • Pdmanabha Mitra, Sr. TD
      • Snehasish Das, TD