Award for the Year: 2017

    All the processes and relevant documents were made
    available in the public domain for information of all concerned. The
    establishments can now gather all the relevant information from the portals of
    the Labour Department and its Directorates. Massive procedural reforms and
    process re-engineering were made with respect to the inspections carried out
    under various Labour Laws, without compromising  the safety and security of  workers. Mechanism was devised by each of the
    participating Directorate to assess risk involved in each establishment based
    on a number of parameters, like number of workers, nature of business etc. Each
    establishment / shop / factory registered with the Labour Department is
    classified into three categories – HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW risk establishment on
    the basis of risk profile. Entire exercise in being carried out through a
    computerised online module. On the basis of risk profile of the establishments,
    the frequency of inspection is finalised. Thereafter, the inspectors are
    randomised and establishments allotted by means of a customised online module.
    The allocation is done in a manner so as to ensure that no inspector visits the
    same establishment twice consecutively over a specified period of time. Under
    the Labour Commissionerate, submission of inspection reports is done on
    real-time basis by means of handheld devices connected to the internet. A
    special provision has been for verification of approved certificates in the
    public domain by third parties. Anyone can now check the validity of approved
    certificates by furnishing a few mandatory parameters. The applicants do not
    need to maintain hard copies of  certificates and inspection reports any more.
    All these vital documents are now available on the Cloud and can be downloaded
    on demand. The digital footprint of the Labour Department has considerably
    improved with the launch of these Government–to–Business e-solutions.


    1. Padmanabha Mitra , Sr. Technical Director
    2. Debdeep Guha, Technical Director